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eActivoApp is the one-stop solution for all your business and personal assets tracking. Along with the responsibility of tracking your IT and Enterprise assets, our assets tracking software offers advanced and seamless integration with Oracle, SAP & Legacy ERP’s. It also contains features that could help business owners with better business planning by delivering timely maintenance notifications of your asset, notifying with the current asset value and by categorizing it with its features and specifications.

Whether the asset is within the company’s control or loaned out to another site, the user simply enters the unique asset ID into the user-friendly web page and enters the fault detail. This information is then transferred back to the management module and an open support request is made. Notes can be kept regarding the progress of the call and its current status displayed.


Our Assets Tracking Application & Software Includes:

At eActivo, we follow Agile Methodology for timely implementation and delivery for our valuable customers. We please to satisfy our customer by fulfilling their specific and customized requirement. Whether you need a simple piece of software to manage 500 fixed assets, or a comprehensive fixed asset management software package that you can tailor to your needs, at eActivo we have the solution. Should you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Barcode Asset Tracking

Our Barcode Asset tracking software/app allows you to manage your organization's valuable assets whose maintenance and insurance activities need to be tracked.


Enterprise Asset Tracking

Our Enterprise Asset Management & Tracking Software provides solutions for better management of critical assets & capital equipment.


IT Asset Tracking

Our IT-Asset management Software understands the status of all your assets and Reduce manual efforts and ensure accurate information with asset lifecycle management.


Fixed Asset Tracking

Our Fixed Asset Management Software maintains your taxes and insurance by accurately calculating tax and automatically checking for tax code and regulatory compliance.


Asset Tracking Software

Scrap asset with value is visible to user according to defined categories and location.Quickly integrate with legacy systems. Seamlessly import data from existing spreadsheets.


Asset Management

Whether your organization has fixed or movable assets they can be managed much more efficiently in a paper-free environment with our asset management software and application.

IT & Enterprise Assets Tracking App

We are pleased in satisfying our customer by fulfilling their specific and customized assets tracking app or software requirements. We follow Agile Methodology for timely implementation and delivery for our valuable customers. Collecting and maintaining accurate records of your fixed assets can be a time consuming and expensive task. The right integrated solution will put your company's valuable equipment firmly under your control. The goal of any robust system is to maximize your asset control efficiency and minimize your equipment loss.

Assets Tracking App Benefits:

We believe in customer first policy. eActivo is based in INDIA but we serve our customers across the Globe 24x7.

  • Our Assets Tracking App will enable you to become more efficient in your production planning and reduce downtime.
  • Our Assets Tracking App will also enable you to schedule necessary maintenance or services for your equipment at appropriate times.
  • Our Assets Tracking App will also enable you to track your assets in real-time.
  • Using the combination of mobile computers and asset management software, you will be able to speed up your audit tasks.

Asset Tracking AppFeatures


Location: Physical location of the device is captured at the time of each transaction which further can be viewed on map.
Asset Repair Asset repair value is stored each time asset is received from repair thus help in deciding when to scrap/sell it.
Scrap Scrap asset with value is visible to user according to defined categories and location.
Data Migration Data from legacy system is extracted, transformed and pushed in to the application to avoid rework.

Our Asset Tracking Application Specialities

To Bring The Best Services for Your Business

Multi-Org Architecture

Multi Organization is a unique feature of eactivo which Provides various transactions of Multiple Business Units in an Enterprise within a single installation of eActivo, taking Appropriate care of Data.

Timely Notifications & Updates

Our Asset Tracking App provides customized alerts via Email/SMS for Warranty, Insurance, Send/Receive Repair, Location transfer, Change is assignation etc. Basically, your all needs in one application.

Easy Integration with Top Database

Our Assets management Application offers Integration with Oracle, SAP & Legacy ERP’s. Our teams are capable to integrate Asset Tracking software with any existing ERP to reduce your integration time.

On-Time MIS Reporting

eActivoApp Asset Tracking App prepares MIS reports for managers in a customized formats depending upon their requirements with the categories, locations, assets type, transactions, etc.

Components of Asset Tracking AppeActivoApp

Your Trusted Asset Tracking Application

Asset Tracking Software - Software is the backbone of any system and will determine what features and options are available. The main concerns when deciding are how detailed of reporting is available and whether it supports batch or real-time updates.

Mobile Computer - Assets are located throughout a business so a mobile device allows you to have all needed information and make changes at the asset location. Depending on how rugged your environment is and budget, a wide range of devices can be used.

Assets Tracking Reporting based on Location, Categories, Repair, transfer etc

knowing health of assets can save lot of money, differnt level of reporting as per catagories and location is asset of eActivo.

eActivo's Asset tracking App is capable of producing daily reports that can be sent to key members throughout the organization.

Schedule Maintenance Activities For Your Assets

Fixed Asset Tracking Software | IT Asset Tracking Software | Asset Tracking App

There are many assets whose maintenance and insurance activities need to be tracked and perform the activities on time to time.

Just simply create schedules for these activities and assign those activities to the concern person then the system will notify the assignee through notifications and emails whenever the activity approaches – these are automatically sent to the assignee as per the reminder frequency set.

These can be any activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections. You can classify these activity types based on the spend – amount to be paid (when you pay to a vendor for an activity), amount to be received (when your customer pays you for an activity) or no amount associated.

There can be as many types of MIS reports as there are divisions within a business. For example, information about asset transfer.Warehouse managers would benefit from MIS reports about repair send/rec information. Total asset value can be exported in excel at any point of time.

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