Barcode Assets Tracking App and Software

Our Barcode Asset Tracking Software/App allows you to manage your organization's valuable assets whose maintenance and insurance activities need to be tracked.

eActivoApp - Barcode Asset Tracking Software tracks and monitors your Fixed Assets Effortlessly. We offer a wide range of solutions from Asset Management solutions to stock control systems. Developing dedicated software for small to medium businesses.

If you are searching for your assets, we have the answer for all your questions - "Who has it?" "Who had it yesterday?" "Can we prove where it is and who had it?" "Where is it?" We answer all of these critical questions of yours with our Barcode Asset Tracking Software.

From fixed assets to portable ones, asset management solutions use data capture technology like barcodes combined with software to control and manage asset movement. With our Barcode Asset tracking we combine software, barcode labels, mobile devices, barcode scanners to streamline the tracking of your assets for e.g. equipment, items, tools, etc from acquisition to retirement in an organization. This could be a small office or multiple facilities spread across the country.

The Advantages Of Having Barcode Asset Tracking App/Software Are As Follows:
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: We provide you all asset related information from procurement to asset utilization, health of an asset, impairment; depreciations along with relevant documents for the assets are available at the click of a button. All this information will be consolidated and stored in one place.

  • Proactive Maintenance: With our Barcode Asset tracking software an organization can schedule proactive maintenance for its assets. We provide notifications, emails are sent to asset managers to schedule maintenance for the assets which will reduce downtime.

  • Cost of Ownership: Your organization will be able to track not just the procurement costs, but maintenance, insurance & down time costs with our comprehensive barcode system.

  • Improve Asset Performance: Our Barcode Asset tracking software you can significantly improve asset performance with predictive maintenance, proactive verifications reports.

  • Asset Verification: We help you in providing consistency of data in the fixed asset register & the organization. The assets are verified on regular intervals leading to 100% accuracy of the fixed asset registers and the real time inventory.

  • Retire Assets: Our barcode assets software enables you to fully or partially retire assets.

  • Insurance: With our Barcode Asset tracking software when the insurance of an asset expires, notifications can be sent to the asset manager for renewal.

Our Mission With Our Barcode Asset Management Software

Is to put power in your hands to track and control your assets from anywhere and on any device. We have the expertise and the vendor relationships to deliver a full asset management solution to make your life easier.

An asset management system establishes clear, documented processes for every activity that affects an asset's lifecycle, from purchasing a piece of equipment to creating a work order to contracting a vendor. It dictates procedures to ensure that all asset lifecycle events, including maintenance work orders and supply chain.

Our Barcode Asset Tracking Software allows you to have instant access to the complete movement history of your assets so that you no longer lose assets or purchase costly replacements.

Best Barcode Asset Tracking Software

Asset management or tracking software, like many tools that are used to increase employee productivity, is often overlooked by small businesses looking to achieve revenue growth.

When it comes to revenue growth, business reports revealed that most of the small and medium business owners want to focus solely on customer service and retention. Only 20% said they would invest in training or tools to make that growth possible.

Barcodes are a very dynamic space especially in the environment we have today with the onset of mobile and what's happening online.

While its deserving to improve customer service it is also worthy to make use of Barcode Asset tracking to improve every aspect of your business, including customer service. Barcode technology is necessary for growth.

eActivoApp's Barcode Asset tracking software is easy-to-use and efficient barcode asset tracking software to your existing systems.

Reasons, Why Your Business Should Choose Eactivoapp's Barcode Asset Tracking Software, Is:

Reduced errors: Barcodes are attached to and are substantially more efficient and accurate than manual asset tracking and can hold extensive data about the assets.

Increased speed: If your company has a large warehouse component, scanning barcodes for inventory or fixed assets can shave hours or even weeks off a time you would have spent doing this manually. By the time workers manually and properly itemize and track each asset in the warehouse, several items may have already been moved or shipped out, resulting in out-of-sync inventory counts.

Cheap to produce: Unlike other tracking technologies like RFID (radio-frequency identification), barcodes are inexpensive to produce, even in large quantities. All it takes is a small investment in a barcode printer (models include desktop, industrial and mobile printers) to produce labels with barcodes, or you can use existing office equipment like an inkjet or laser printer to create barcodes on plain-paper documents.

Easy-to-track: As supply chains lengthen and become more global than ever, it's important to know the exact location, quantity, and condition of your inventory, from the time of its production to purchase and beyond.

Successful companies, from big to small, use barcodes as much in inventory management as they do in point-of-sale transactions. Additionally, fixed assets, the long-term assets like laptops, vehicles, and equipment that often go missing due to employee error or even theft -become tied to your database with a eActivoApp's Barcode asset tracking software.