IT-Assets Tracking & Management App and Software

Be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal now you can track the lifecycle of your organization's assets through all phases from anywhere.

The first and the most important part of our IT-Asset management Software or App secures, controls and manage your assets in one place. So that you can take action immediately and efficiently manage your IT environment using a solution that is fully integrated.

With our IT-Asset management App you automatically get relevant information the right data where you need it, when you need it and anywhere you need it. Simplify your asset tracking and inventory with eActivoApp IT-Asset management Software, IT-Asset management App. Our IT-Asset management Software allows you to manage your organization's valuable assets whose maintenance and insurance activities need to be tracked.

From fixed assets to portable ones, asset management solutions use data capture technology like barcodes combined with software to control and manage asset movement.

Our IT-Asset Management Software OR IT-Asset Management App Features Are As Follows:-

  • Everything in One Place: Managing assets with a Google doc or a shared Excel spreadsheet is more common than you think. When your company is small, it can (sort of) work for a while, but as you grow, things get messy, fast. Snipe-IT lets you admins work together to track physical assets, software licenses, accessories and consumables -- all in one place.

  • Finance-Department Friendly: The IT-Asset management Software has the custom reporting capabilities. You can even give permission to the Finance-Department to view and download reports without being able to edit assets.

  • Easy to Use: Plan asset allocation, easily in the organization and stay updated about upcoming renewals or expiries. Track your IT assets' devise renewals, upcoming warranty or license expirations and purchases well in advance.

Know where your IT assets are, when your service contracts are up and what's out for repair.
Don't lose track of your IT assets, never re-buy a license key again because you lost track of it.
We use industry-standard security practices such as crypt with brute-force prevention, HTTPS-only cookies and more.

What Are The Benefits Of IT Asset Management Software?

Today's business environment depends on a variety of software to function effectively and securely. Many companies will forecast their IT budgets to be relatively equal to the previous year

Usually, the forecasted IT budget figures encompass total IT expenditures. Therefore companies are constantly looking for ways to control their technology budgets. While an integral part of their IT budgets goes into software deployment, management, and its licensing agreements.

To avoid these above loop holes of IT budgeting and to put important processes and controls in place about your IT infrastructure and operations you require IT Asset management software.

IT Asset management software rectifies and corrects all the IT asset requests, processes and approvals. The IT asset management software helps you to review the software and devices for purchase, distribution and maintenance to ensure consistency and accuracy. It will allow you to perform regular audits of hardware and software deployment by allowing you to establish baselines.

With so many devices within an organization, it's difficult to track their needs and provision them all in exactly the same way. Over time, hardware and user requirements shift, which must be reflected in how businesses set up and supply resources.

It's essential to monitor any changes and alter the system to support these adjustments. This will help establish protocols for new equipment and track the configuration details for each hardware asset within the organization.

Configuration information is crucial for implementing software that will integrate seamlessly. Organizations can also use this data to quickly fix any issues that emerge. To get better visibility into your systems and keep running records to maintain consistency across your hardware you require IT Asset management software.

Adjust your configuration backups on a regular basis to reflect current needs and ensure you have the most updated version at your fingertips. IT is complex, particularly when you count mobile devices and other emerging hardware and software trends. It's difficult for internal professionals to track all of these assets while doing their jobs effectively.

When you implement an IT Asset management software it will provide you with a better visibility into available inventory, hardware configuration monitoring and improved provisioning. These benefits can help your business save on costs and support your employees with the best solutions.